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HOMETOWN: It's were it all began
PEOPLE: A resource of folks who make comics related to Cryptic Press
Dave Roman: Cartoonist and Writer of Quicken Forbidden
JOHN GREEN: Graphic Designer and penciller of QF
ADAM DEKRAKER: Adam is a comic artist and inker of QF
JENNIFER : Animator and Artist of KRONIKLE KOMIX

World Famous ABBY DENSON

Abby Denson is loved wherever she goes. As the creator of TOUGH LOVE which was serialised in the internationally published magazine XY she has sparked a devoted following comparable to a rock star! While remaining true to her "Rock n' Roll" lifestyle, Abby still manages to put out lots of comic projects on a fairly regular schedual. Besides the hugely popular Tough Love which also is available as six individual mini- comics Abby is responsible for the one issue wonder S.P.O.L (Sweaty Pit Of Love), comics for the Squeezebox anthology, Friends of Lulu anthology, and two colaborations with Japanese artist Yuko Koyama, JUST A GUY and WE LOVE FOOD. She's currently devoloping a series about the New York Nightlife and playing Bust A Move on her PlayStation.