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Join   the   Alyson   Hannigan   should   play   Jax   Epoch   Coaliton!

We all love her as Willow in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and everyone whos read the indy hit comic books series Quicken Forbidden has agreed she is the perfect person to play the books heroin Jax Epoch. ::NEWS UPDATE:: Skeleton Key creator & QF friend Andi Watson(he drew the logo for Jax w/the facts) has just been hired as the new writer of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER COMIC BOOK from Dark Horse Comics. Not only that but QF friend Randy Green (artist on the QF stickers)will be drawing it!! We're so proud!!

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Although Alyson would be the perfect actress to be in a big screen Quicken Forbidden Movie...production on a low budget direct to video short film has already begun without her (Gasp!) Unfortunately the makers of the film don't have the funds or clout to get a professional telivision actress to star in this mini film. Directed by Matt Hawkins who previously directed the black & White short CLEAN and starring first time actress Lisa Albuhuni as Jax, and sister Nicole as her evil twin, QUICKEN FORBIDDEN is expected to be released in late October 98. From there they hope to show the film in several indy film festivals, Comic Conventions, and Sci-Fi festivals, and hopefully shop it around as a possible full length feature to larger studios...and hopefully a starring vehicle for Alyson Hannigan.

**If you agree that Alyson Hannigan should play Jax Epoch (and possibly model for some comic book covers) Email us at:

EVERYONE who takes the time to respond (with a mailing address) will recieve a free copy of QUICKEN FORBIDDEN compliments of the guys at Cryptic Press! Just ask:)

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