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Quicken Forbidden Issue #1

Issue #1 is currently sold out as an individual comic book but is available in the VOLUME ONE trade paperback. Ashcans reprinting the first 8 pages of the story are usually given out free at conventions and are also available with any purchase directly from Cryptic Press. For a catalog write to Cryptic Press 365 Smith Street, Freeport NY 11520 or email:


My Name is Jax Epoch. I was born onto this planet Earth 16 years ago and have regretted it ever since. Not for the reasons you'd expect though. You see unlike most rationally thinking people of this modern age, I still believe in magic.

In a world where science is law and there's no room for gods or mysticism, I'm sort of...frustrated. Dreaming constantly. My mind clouded by fantasies of things better than, well Social Studies and Home Economics for starters.