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Cryptic Press Virtual Patio

HOMEPAGE: I bet you miss it already...why not stop back in:)
QUICKEN FORBIDDEN: This is the official website of the comic John draws!
dave roman: Dave is the co creator of Quicken Forbidden and likes to play with clay and make cute drawings.
COMICS: Boy do these kids make comics! you should check them out!

More Stuff by John:

Stormtrooper Pumpkin: To see a Star Wars inspired Jack o latern John recently made click here!

Hey thats JOHN GREEN!!

John Patrick Green is the artist and co- creator of the comic book series Quicken Forbidden. He is also a graphic designer for Disney Adventures Magazine. John used to work as a graphic designer for Penthouse Comix and is the letterer for the Image Comics title SHARKY. John also lettered the first ever comic starring N'Snch (yikes!)

Before working on Quicken Forbidden John drew and self published several titles for Cryptic Press which he co-founded with Dave Roman, Rich Zimmer and Paul Guadagnino. HELL-BENT which he wrote and drew, MELON HEAD which was his first colaboration with Dave, TYRANT KM-47 which he re wrote and drew based on an earlier version by Rich, and THE FOOTSIES which appeared in the anthology I JUST HAD MY LAB TEST. Other work by John can be found in the anthology COMICS ARE DEAD by Moordam Comics.

John was born in suburban Long Island and now lives in a small apartment in upper Manhattan. John likes to drink coffee and is instantly recognized in restaurants everywhere for his unique way of doing so. John is also known for his ability to scult costumes of Boba Fett and a storm trooper out of plastc cups and paper mache'.John Green is currently in hibernation but will be out soon.