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::We're making movies::

Don't get too excited kids, we have no intentions of making the big budget extravaganza's that America expects from two guys from Long Island. But we are in the process of making some other short films and digital videos, so stay tuned for more info.

MONKEY VS. ROBOT Based on the song by James Kochalka Superstar, this animated music video depicts the classic struggle of nature vs. technology. Directed by Megan Weber, Produced by Dave Roman. It was shown twice at the NY Animation Film Festival on September 14th & 15th 2001. It is availble on the complilation video "Monkey Versus Robot: The James Kochalka Story" (along with 3 other interpretations of the song) directly from Buy it now!

TASTE OF BREAD. B&W/Silent. Directed by Dave Roman. It has to be seen to be understood. A hillbilly family is attacked by strange plastic bag creatures....and only the town sheriff and his stuffed bunny can protect them. email for a copy

D.O.A. --QUICKEN FORBIDDEN (The Video): Shooting began on april 28th and stopped about a month later. Directed by Matt Hawkins (who directed the indy film "CLEAN") with help from Dave Roman, the film was being shot on ultra cheap HI-8 Video with the intention of being transfered to 3 Quarter and eventually transfered to Digital Avid. The movie stared twin actresses Lisa and Nicole Abahuni as Jax Epoch and her evil twin respectfully. They sort of bailed off the project and then disapeared, so we had to stop filming. Its a shame cuz the project received a lot of interest from potential distributors. In the shots we completed, Quicken Forbidden comic book inker Adam Dekraker got to play Jax's boyfriend Adam. Other people whoo helped out were Dave Rosenburg, Stephanie Quarto and Mean John Green building the props and playing extras. Award winning animator Becky Wible (Nickelodeon, Sci-Fi Network) and Lighting Expert/Filmaker Cristopher Sippel (Heaven's End) were consultants(and extras as well).

(Someday we hope to put clips on line, but I imagine they'd be boring to anyone who wasn't involved in the shooting.)

BROKEN IN TIME: This is a digital film currently being produced by Cryptic founding member Richard Zimmer Primary shooting was completed on May 12th

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The Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society : If we were making a big budget QF movie we'd definately want Ms. Hannigan to star as JAX. The pic above is (C)1997 WB TV, Mutant Enemy.Ultimate TV *BIG thanks to
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