The sun is rising.........sure is dark in here

This is the page dedicated to the rambilings in our mind come back later

Best Shows on T.V: SIFL & OLLY on Mtv and MR. SHOW on HBO (which has been showing marathons on friday nights!) Best animated shows: Batman/Superman, especially the new redesigned episodes of Batman... cant wait to see Disney's TITANIC:)

On Video: Dave and John both thought DARK CITY was really inventive and cool, Rich agreed, Matt Hawkins, Lisa and Nichole hated it.

TOUGH LOVE's Abby Denson brought PARRAPPa THE RAPPER over to Dave's house and now he's addicted even though he doesnt have a Playstation. Just thinking about it makes him happy. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!!

***Godzilla didn't make as much money as they'd hoped...awwww Save your money and watch Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero!!

Dave is not very interested in seeing another lesergic trip out movie EVEN if it is directed by one of his all time favorite directors, "Hey if Tim Burton made a movie about Candece Bergan, I wouldnt be interested in seeing it...unless it had puppets"

Other sites within the ending world...

VIDEO GAMES: Matt Hawkins rants about his favorites and um...least
Information Society: Kurts remodled home page including the full history of InSoc..Includes new songs to download each week!
Anime Online : by the same talented woman who created the Quicken Forbidden site, tell her we said Hi
Dissonance: Americas favorite new band...give in


CRYPTIC NEWS UPDATES: oK, You"Ve HaD your go home
COMIC BOOKS: ::comics make people happy::
MOVIES: We make em, you watch em ...we need each other

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