Cryptic Press Updates

Welcome to the original Cryptic Press website. Since we now have much more fancy websites dedicated to all the the cool new stuff we are doing we figured we'd leave this one up as memory of simpler times...

Cryptic Press is a small comics collective that originated on Long Island in 1994. It's original members are John Green, Paul Guadagnino, Dave Roman and Rich Zimmer.

Comic books produced include Quicken Forbidden, Teen Boat, Astronaut Elementary, Go Tortois Boy Go!, Keep Warm, A.U.T.O, Crying Angel, Realmsend, Hard Drive, Samurai Jack, White Roses, Reality Destroyed, Tyrant KM-67, and I Just Had My Lab Test.

Many are still available.

Write to Cryptic Press @ 101 Poet Street, North Babylon, NY 11703 And we'll send you a nifty catalog :) Email:

OLD NEWS!! The fine folks at Ait/Planet Lar will be releasing a re-mastered collection of QF issues #1-5. It will now be called JAX EPOCH AND THE QUICKEN FORBIDDEN: BORROWED MAGIC (ISBN: 1-932051-11-2) It feature a new cover plus a 4-page all new epilogue that shows Jax as a young kid! Be sure to go to the AIT/Planet Lar site and check it out! And be sure to take a look at all their other awesome titles, and spiffy space suits!

Dave Roman's first 4 Dexters Lab storys "What = Funny?". "Chicken Scratch" and "Beast Master" & "Dexters New Clothes" are in stores now from DC Comics. Also "Chicken Scratch has been loosely adapted into a cartoon short that is shown before the PowerPuff Girls movie.

Be sure to check out Nickelodeon Magazine every month for cool comics edited by Chris Duffy and his sidekick (dave).

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Q u i c k e n F o r b i d d e n .com: A snazzy new site dedicated to Jax Epoch! A multimedia site featuring QF & other comic we're working on with our friends :)
Yaytime!: Dave Roman's frequently updated web journal
AIT/Planet-Lar: The awesome people who publish the new Jax Epoch tradepaperbacks! Go buy stuff from them!