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QUICKEN FORBIDDEN: All about the book that Dave writes and co created with John Green
JOHN GREEN: The artist of Quicken Forbidden and ruler of Mars.
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ABBY DENSON: the creator of Tough Love
ADAM DEKRAKER: Adam Dekraker is the inking master of QF and a penciler of Main stream comics.

Just dave roman

Dave Roman is the writer of Quicken Forbidden. Most of Dave's hours are spent babysitting the Rugrats as he Co-Edit's their comic book series. Some of that time also crosses over to helping Chris Duffy edit the beautiful comic book section of Nickelodeon Magazine and Lee Nordling with the Rugrats Newspaper comic strip. Dave also has written a couple of issues of the Dexter's Laboratory comic from DC Comics. At one time dave used to help build puppets for a stop motion animation studio called 181 Productions, and even answered mail for the Scooby Doo and Cartoon Network comic books. He was an illustration major at the School of Invisible Arts and almost self combusted by the time he graduated in May 99. Dave spends lots of time indoors and gets sick very easily. He gets involved in way too many projects so that sleep always seems like dream.

Stuff by Dave

PUPPETS/STOP MOTION: photos of some of the animated projects and sculptures Dave has worked on.
QUICKEN FORBIDDEN: The comic Dave writes and co- created.
KEEP WARM: a little collection of cartoons by Dave
Illustration: some other random pieces by dave